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Dublin is betting on bikes


Dublin is among the 15 first world’s friendliest bike cities, judged by two-wheeled advocacy group Copenhagenize. The city was ranked 11th, behind Berlin. The standard of review involves issues such as “has the city planned bike racks?” “The streets are designed for use of bicycles?” “Has the city a strong culture of bike?”

According with Copenhagenize:

Dublin is the Great Bike Hope among Emerging Bicycle Cities. Visionary political will can be all too fleeting but the city seems to keep on pushing forward. The city still has bicycles on the brain and the National Transport Authority is trying to provide a tailwind. Dublin’s incredibly successful bike share programme has been instrumental in reestablishing the bicycle on the urban landscape. Now larger-scale infrastructure projects and a city-wide cycling strategy can take the city to the next level as it tackles rising urbanisation with little room left for more cars. 30 km/h zones and bicycle infrastructure have combined to make Dublin the safest EU capital.

With a modal share of 7.5%, the city centre can sometimes boast of double digits. An incredible rise over just six or so years. Dublin is the only city after Amsterdam and Copenhagen to retain their placement on the Index. They scored high on the bonus points. They remain an inspiration and a city to watch.

But there is more to be happy about. The summer edition of Cycling in Dublin newspaper has revealed some some figures related to bicycle use in the Irish capital, as follow in the video bellow.

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